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Why did I buy this shirt I don’t know. But Nike all day every day ✔️ #nike #fitness #selflove #progress #recovery #happiness #fitspo #bodybuilding #fitfam #girlswithmuscle #motivation

I am often asked about preparatory poses for #inversions, and my mind always immediately goes to #forearmplank pose. Once I started focusing on my #core work, kicking into inversions became a much more attainable goal. I like to hold this pose from 30-60 seconds, depending on how much I feel like torturing myself. Actually, as time has progressed and i’ve gotten more comfortable with it, there are definitely days when I look forward to forearm (and regular) plank. It’s a great place to turn off your mind and just exist in the pose.
(I’m sure some people might not expect someone with such an expressive belly to engage in daily core work, but looks can and should be deceiving. #fatkidforever #gimmedatcake)
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Let’s have a little discussion about Public Domain. These 4 drawings are my most often used without credit images online…and I JUST made that Supergirl one. Just because you find an image through Google, Deviantart or it scrolls through your dashboard on Tumblr it doesn’t give you free reign to use the image however you see fit. See, it takes a lot of time an effort to make these drawings that I decide to share online, and its not for you to use as your profile pics, blog headers, email blasts and whatever promos you’re running. Haven’t you noticed that everyone asks who made the image, and all you can reply with is “Iunno I found it online…”? Those are people who like the drawing and want to find the original artist to see more of their work. If you want to use my images, ask and CREDIT ME or commission me. My Instagram feed and tumblr page are not Microsoft Office’s clipart . I mean, even asking goes a long way. #artwork #artrant


Jacques  |  Foto 119

well helllloooooooo 
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